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Proximity to INSEAD Campus:

‘City-juction Virtual Campus’ properties are conveniently located near the INSEAD campus, with most apartments being within a short walk. This close proximity is highly valued by students for saving time and enhancing convenience.

Quality and Comfort of Living Spaces:

Their apartments are described as "nicely renovated" and "charming," providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environments. The emphasis on quality and comfort in their accommodations is a key expectation for students seeking housing.

Variety of Options:

‘City-juction Virtual Campus’ offers a range of apartment sizes and styles, from one-bedroom apartments to studios with one-bedroom layouts. This variety allows students to choose accommodations that best fit their preferences and needs.

Comprehensive support:

Beyond just renting apartments, ‘City-juction Virtual Campus’ aims to serve the broader accommodation and relocation needs of INSEAD students. which can be particularly beneficial for international students unfamiliar with the area.

Local Expertise:

With nearly 30 years of partnership with INSEAD, ‘City-juction Virtual Campus’ brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. This inside knowledge can be invaluable for students navigating the housing market in Fontainebleau for the first time.