Robyn is absolutely a professional who knows students needs. Just give her your list of considerations and she will find an ideal place for you. In addition, she is fast, accurate, and trustworthy

Yeongsu Kim

MBA 2014-2015

City Junction has been a savior since day 1. They have been accessible, on time, helpful, and courteous at every juncture of my rental experience. Most people I know have had difficulties with landlords/agents, but I haven't. . A special thanks goes to Robyn!

Maximilian Loosen

MBA 2013-2014

I am very happy with having chosen City Junction as my housing agency in Fontainebleau. They set up visits to several apartments in my price range and I decided for one in the city center. City Junction took care of all the paper work and I only had to sign some documents and make payments and finally move in. My stay in the very modern apartment was wonderful and I felt at home during my INSEAD year. City Junction and also my landlord were very fair and helpful at any time. I can only recommend Robyn and the City Junction team to any student in search of a good place to stay in Fontainebleau.

Verena S.

MBA 2013 J

We want to thank you so much for your superb advice to take the place with Odile. It has been simply the best. Odile is wonderful, the garden is beautiful and the space is exactly what we were looking for.

Justin Michaels

INSEAD MBA Participant

As our year at INSEAD comes to an end and we are planning to leave Fontainebleau I wanted to say thank you for the help you have provided us in finding such an amazing place to stay for the year at Chailly en Biere. We would certainly recommend your services to any prospective student coming to INSEAD!

Arick Goomanovsky

INSEAD MBA Participant

As we come to an end to our stay here at Fontainebleau, I would like to mention a word of praise for city-junction. I contacted them online for a house and rented an apartment solely based on their recommendation – without seeing it myself. I enjoyed every bit of my stay in this house and looking back, I can say that city-junction (esp. Robyn) did a fair job of organizing my stay here. They were efficient, gave a fair picture and delivered services as per expectation. A BIG thanks to the team at city-junction!

Sameer Dubey


Dear Robyn,  
First of all, thank you very much for helping me to rent the nice department, I enjoy it very much.

Changshan He

INSEAD MBA Participant

"Hi,my name is Mohan and I am a currently a P5 graduating in July 09. I was living in South Africa and contacted City Junction (Robyn) when I got admitted to INSEAD in June 2007. I had never even travelled to France before, and I needed to choose a place without even having seen it. My main requirement was that it was in a nice location (near school) and that the room and bathroom were modern/tidy. I found a place and signed up just over email - and I have been very glad with the service which was very helpful and smooth. I had no hassle getting even arriving for the first time in a new country really late at night, and getting my apartment handed over to me - really grateful! My contact details are if you have any questions or want to check anything with me".

Mohan Rajamohan
INSEAD MBA Participant

For a lot of us, finding the right place to live when at INSEAD is a key item on that "unfinishable to do list" we have before starting the MBA. My service story with City-Junction is compelling because it reinforces the fact they are to be trusted regarding the places they advertise. In fact, I had the rare chance of having my mother pass by Fontainebleau, and, despite seeing lots of places with multiple agencies, she concluded the best place for us to be was a City-Junction place. So, if you don't have the luxury to come and see before hand - a reality for most - then you know who you can trust.

Rodolfo Estay
INSEAD MBA Participant
Making all the arrangements to come to INSEAD was a long and stresfull process. However city-junction helped me take a load from my shoulders by helping me find a suitable option not only for my needs but also for my pocket. The service I received was not only fast but very helpfull and the english speaking staff was a huge advantage.
I was happy to be served by city-junction not only for the place I found but also for the service I received during my tenure
Carlos Loewenstein
INSEAD MBA Participant

Club 16 is a great, beautifully renovated home in the center of Fontainebleau. Living in town means grocery shopping, restaurants, etc are all within a few minutes walking distance, and INSEAD is about a 10 minute walk. The house has great character, lovely common rooms to hang out with housemates, and all the rooms are well furnished

INSEAD MBA Participant
City Junction provided me with a very professional service all the way. Their team is dedicated to keeping customers happy: they were easily reachable, they promptly addressed all my requests and personally followed-up on issues I raised during my stay. City Junction also ensures the rent includes all services, making your life easier. Moreover, the houses they manage are high end and in prime locations (Club 16 and Rue Carnot at least). Club 16 is fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and new, tasteful furniture. It is extremely well located, close to school and to the center). Staying here was overall an amazing experience.
INSEAD MBA Participant
We're fairly settled now - and are happy with the cottage - its really bright and pleasant, and the landlord has been most helpful. Also Bois-le-Roi is pretty central and the train station is a big bonus!

INSEAD MBA Participant
Due to circumstances, I couldn't visit Fontainebleau from Japan in order to find my apartment so I went through all websites which provided information for accommodations for INSEAD students.

Amongst those websites, I found that the City-Junction was the best because it provided detailed information including many pictures and it was very interactive so that I could easily communicate with Robyn through the website (She always responded very quickly) .
Actually, I requested her give me additional information and pictures about security of building, the garden, the neighborhood and so forth. (We had a little boy, so we made a lot of requests to Robyn.) She proposed the best one which located in the city center, equipped with a big bathtub and pretty garden where my baby could play and I and my family spent comfortable days in that apartment.
I believe that City-Junction is perfect for people who have to find thier accommodation through the internet.
Of course Robyn can speak perfect English so you will not have any trouble in communication.

Thank you , Robyn!
Akihiro SUZUKI
INSEAD MBA Participant
City Junction was the perfect housing solution for me.

I couldn't visit Fontainebleau in person to find accommodation, but the apartment that I secured through City Junction was exactly as depicted on the website, in very good condition and without surprises.
The process to secure the apartment and move in was effortless and easily handled remotely. A lot of very practical information over and above apartment rental was also supplied. After moving in, City Junction was ever-attentive to my queries and needs and provided an excellent link between the landlord and a student who couldn't speak French (back then!). From first signing the rental agreement to eventually vacating the property, I've had no issues with the apartment and the service that City Junction provides.

I highly recommend City Junction to those looking for a hassle-free accommodation solution in the Fontainebleau area.
Joao Rodrigues
INSEAD MBA Participant
I would highly recommend City-Junction!!

From the first moment I browsed the website until I am now living in a "city-junction" flat, my experiences with City-Junction have been only positive, The website is very user friendly and informative.
Robyn has always been very service oriented and efficient. The same day as I had decided to go for my flat, she sent me the contract and all the forms that I needed to fill out.
A week later, I had paid the deposit and could relax... The moving in and arrangements around that were also just pleasant... and the flat looked exactly like the images on the website.
I would like to add that Robyn has been extremely helpful and has always answered all my questions and queries immediately!!
It was the perfect way for me to find a flat in Fontainebleau without speaking French and without the opportunity to visit myself. From other INSEAD students also renting through City-Junction, I've heard nothing but praising of the agency.

It is an easy and efficient way to find beautiful accommodation in Fontainebleau.
Thale Mjavatn
INSEAD MBA Participant
To be honest, I was a little bit concerned about my accommodation since I had decided the house just through City-Junction web.
However, fortunately, my house is truly above my expectations. I would really like to recommend to prospective students who have no time to come here prior to joining INSEAD.

A great thanks.
Kunie Taie
INSEAD MBA Participant

Dear Robyn,

I am quite satisfied with the house that I rented through City-Junction.
It was well above my expectations. I would recommend City-Junction, to those who can't come to Fontainebleau before the start of the program.

Many Thanks.
INSEAD MBA Participant

Once I had made contact with City-Junction and discussed my accommodation preferences with Robyn, she immediately identified the apartment which seemed to be a perfect match for me.

There was also a good selection of alternatives and the on-line photos were helpful in narrowing the options.
When I visited Fontainebleau to look around various places to live, I realised I could have followed my initial instinct from looking at the City-Junction site and selected my accommodation without actually visiting. The website photos and description of the properties had been accurate and presented a true and fair view.
The City-Junction team had selected a range of properties for me to look at and drove me to a number of sites during the day. It was a very efficient process and I found City-Junction staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. It was a relief to be able to discuss the properties in English at City-Junction, to weigh up the options with somebody and to be confident that the company would organise all the admin for me. Finding my accommodation was straightforward and hassle-free and I am extremely happy with where I am living.

I can recommend City-Junction for their reliability, efficiency and friendliness.
INSEAD MBA Participant

I found that City-junction made it very easy for me to search a large number of apartments on short notice and to select one before arriving in France.

Furthermore Robyn was able to meet me when I arrived in Fontainebleau to hand over the keys and to give me a tour of the apartment, which looked exactly like the photos on the website.
INSEAD MBA Participant

Dear Sylvia and Robyn,

My stay in France is approaching an end, and I wanted to thank you guys for helping us out with the apartment hunt earlier this year!

I will gladly recommend your services to others.
INSEAD MBA Participant

I think that the city-junction website is great and very informative.

I do not speak french so the city-junction solution was a great relief for me. I like the apartment: it is very nice.
The thing that puzzles me is that the link to City-Junction website is not that adverstised in comparison with other real estate agencies in Fonty. I mean that when I was looking for the apartment out of Moscow, I managed to find city-junction because I either had not response from others or I did not like the apartment.

As for you - I do believe you do a great job.
INSEAD MBA Participant,