How it works

Member Home page

Once you have registered, you will log in automatically to the member home page. This offers all available accommodation from your selection, and gives you access to the accommodation search engine. You will be able to access your private message board, request an appointment with our agent and enter the meeting room.


You are able enter multiple criteria's to search for your accommodation, it will display results in your currency, Retrieve all information about your selection, locate it on the map, and request more information directly from our agent, view pictures of the premises.

Online Office

City junction provides a complete functional environment for you to interact and discuss with our agent. A private mail service, a chat room, streaming video as well as internet telephony is available to reduce distance and allow better inter-actions.

Local directory

Find all types of useful local services and business in the area such as; car rental, repairs, mobile phone shops, schools, taxis, babysitting and much more


Find out about how to set up your utilities in your new accommodation (telephone, ADSL, electricity) learn more about the landlord and your rights and obligations.