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Rent a home near INSEAD campus Fontainebleau

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Studios for MBA housing, INSEAD housing


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Apartments for MBA housing, INSEAD housing


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Houses for MBA housing, INSEAD housing


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co-living for MBA housing, INSEAD housing

Shared houses

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Castle for MBA housing, INSEAD housing


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Open up a line of communication

Dealing in a foreign language, in a foreign culture, in a foreign country are hurdles we are here to help you with. Our local agents will assist you in all stages of your rental transactions and remain with you throughout your INSEAD experience. (share with you key material and inform you of your rights and obligations)

Trust and Accountability

These are the 2 qualities that helped us reach a 98% satisfaction rate. The Virtual Campus and INSEAD student life are working together to ensure that both parties (landlords and tenants) are aware of their contract agreement and we will assist both parties by all acceptable means during the contract period.

True and accurate representation

To guarantee the quality of our services and present realistic information on the site of City-Junction, we undertake to view each property, taking note of specific descriptions and specifications, pictures of the interior and exterior as well landlord interviews.

Standards and processes

With 15 years of experience and our very high standards, we are able to identity the demand in the market. Our selection of properties offered have been visited by ourselves with our students in mind and bear a true representation of the advertised property

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