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Our ambition is to make your life easy !

As in every country, the real estate market can be daunting.

It's a gigantic market with many options and opportunities, as well as countless legal obstacles to overcome.

Anyone with a lot of time and effort may achieve this on their own, but with our expertise this process can be achieved far more easily and efficiently.


Our experience in this specialized field over the past 15 years is what makes us the market leaders today!




Founder - Operational director

+33 (0)1 64 70 78 05

Robyn has been working for the last 15 years in INSEAD housing market.

Recognized by students and landlords as a trusted partner, her approach, crowned with a 98% success rate, has been the essence of her new venture : The Virtual Campus

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98% satisfaction rate

#INSEAD quality selection

More than 3000 students

Five Star service

International Student Housing Solutions

We specialize specifically in the International Student Market in order to maintain an exceptional level of service. We want to make sure that we offer the most suitable product for every individual, under the right conditions.

Our expertise in this market has been drawn from 15 years of experience.

We have identified the needs and expectations of our students over the years, making sure we offer the best possible service in a competitive market.

The selection process of our Virtual Campus Properties is of the highest standard. It is important that all our properties pass our rigid primary selection process, before offering them to our students.

We know what you expect….Welcome to the virtual campus

Co-living, Coloc 3.0, a new era ?

Nop ! since 2008, city junction has been offering unique coliving opportunities to Insead students, we have ve just have been calling it “Shared Houses”, that is all.Today, the virtual campus offers the largest selection of shared houses, castles, manors and communes in Fontainebleau. Live in the student community, experience coliving in large specious houses and enjoy all the benefits of sharing.

Living in a group can be a big money-saver, allowing you to split costs for things like food, utilities, household items and utensils.
Sharing a home with others provides the opportunity to borrow what you don’t have – how many times have you found yourself desperate for a pain killer or a hairdryer?

Since 2017, we engage ourselves in an agreement with INSEAD Student life to provide more information, more control, more choices or more flexibility for students …

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